What we do

The IDEA Center works on a wide variety of projects that involve processes and types of materials. This gallery displays just a few of the ways we create innovative solutions and test our products.

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The IDEA Center is the central location for all of Leggett & Platt research and development. An engineer calibrates sensitive test equipment for use in the lab. Thousands of independent body movements are transformed into electronic data through sensors embedded in a bodysuit. Data can be used for ergonomics and partner disturbance measurements. Multiple tests are performed on both our products and the human body. This treasure trove of data ensures harmony between the two.
The “Rollator Test” creates simulated motion that provides data on specific material strengths and durability. Our R&D laboratories have capabilities of rapid prototyping and testing a large range of products. Pressure point analysis and heat retention are some of the tests used to determine the best types of bedding materials. We have state-of-the-art design capabilities for electronics in Residential, Commercial, and Automotive applications.
Recharging mobile devices, laptops, and power tools can be as simple as setting them down. Helios wireless charging products are currently being developed and produced for a wide variety of industries. Prototyping a computer-controlled thread tension monitoring system.